Alright, let’s get specific about these pronunciation tips. There are a few main pronunciation mistakes made by Brazilians. By focusing on each of these and shadowing me during the corresponding videos, you will begin to sound more native.

1. Ed Endings

Did you know there are three ways to pronounce -ed endings (d, t and id)? The most noticeable mistake is the incorrect pronunciation of -ed endings. I recently wrote an article with practice exercises about this here.

2. Voiced “Th” sounds

Another important sound to practice is the “th” sound in brother, mother and weather. The tongue vibrates in these words. In other cases, the “th” sound is very breathy, like in thank you or thoughtful; this is probably easy for you. Note, you will pronounce these words better IF I can see your tongue! Here is the link to the article and exercises.

Let’s try this: These are the people that I like the most.

3. “R” and “L” sounds

Next, I’d recommend reading words that start with “r” out loud (and avoid pronouncing the “r” as an “h”).

The Portuguese “L” is created by opening the mouth wide and allowing a lot of air inside. The English “L” is just the opposite. Let your tongue hit the back of your teeth and try to bring your tongue close to the roof of your mouth! Practice exercises coming soon.

Let’s try this: The solution is simple, let’s get a mobile home!

4. Stressed Syllables

Although there are some rules for word stress in English, I recommend listening to common mistakes made by Brazilians and then marking the words you pronounce incorrectly. Be sure to check out this post and video!

More Pronunciation Tips for Brazilians

Would you like more pronunciation tips? Please comment on this article and I will try to create content accordingly!

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