About one year ago I moved to Brazil from California. When I tell Brazilians that, their response is usually:

Why in the world would you come to Brazil?!

Well, apart from your country being AMAZING in the eyes of a foreigner (I’ll talk about this later), I married a songwriter/producer from São Paulo (Instagram lucassantos.7), who needs to be in Brazil for work. I, on the other hand, work as an English teacher online.  I can be anywhere, so I’m here.

The second question people ask me is:

What do you think of Brazil?

I never know how to answer this question. First of all, I don’t know Brazil; your country is huge and I’ve only been to Rio, Foz da Iguaçu, Vitoria and São Paulo. I live in São Paulo and I’m not sure if I know it well!

From a tourist’s perspective there are some things that stand out: your beaches are better than anywhere I’ve ever been. People are really easy-going and open to meeting me, which makes me happy. I love barbecues and relaxing with the people I meet. As for food, I love corn cream, goiabinha and paçoca!

Many Brazilians I meet would love to speak English better. Some would love to travel to other countries, work in other countries or improve their job opportunities. I hear people they say they want to learn English all the time. In fact, it’s the the third question I get asked!

Do you teach English to beginners? /  Can I be your student?

Yes and yes. That’s why I’m creating this site, to make learning English fun and affordable for Brazilians.I want you to learn English the right way, so that you can reach some of the goals you have in mind!

If you’re interested in taking more formal classes, join the English club!

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